Why the Church Needs Lay Apologists

Apologetics is an area of study that is of growing interest to Christians in general and particularly young Christians. Don’t waste your time debating internet trolls, the Church needs you.

“If You’re a Lay Apologist, I Hope You’ll Heed This Call” Joe Carter

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7 Replies to “Why the Church Needs Lay Apologists”

    1. A lay apologist is someone trained in apologetics, but doesn’t hold a paid position in the church.

      1. I see. Thank you. I honestly had never heard that term before.

  1. Do you really believe in a true laity? I have come to the conclusion that some laity (as called) prove their calling further and higher than the “professionals”. If you do believe in a laity, can you tell me what distinguishes them?

    1. By “lay apologist” I merely meant trained, but not paid

      1. Thanks for the clarification. The idea that there is any other distinguishing characteristics between laity and the professional preacher would in essence undermine God’s right to call whomever whenever. I totally believe in doctrinal, biblical, and ministerial training before setting out to perform your calling because of a few good reasons. Anyway, thank you

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