What is the Local Church?

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What is the church? Is it more than a building? Is it global, local, or both? In this week’s video, Travis gives a definition of the Church in 100 words or less.


13 Replies to “What is the Local Church?”

  1. It’s very good, but only part of it.
    It truly is the Body of Christ, and where two or three are gathered in His Name, THAT is a living working body of Christ.
    It is a local fellowship which should be small, anything like the “Mega” churches and any other church which is a non-profit 501C Coporation is NOT a true biblical representation of the body of Christ. Actually any type of “building” which gathers tithes is NOT a true representation of the Body of Christ.
    Was this a “professor” of a Bible Seminary, or College?
    Main Stream Christianity is NOT the true representation of the Body of Christ.

    1. Our church is very small, a non-profit (which churches register under) and tithing is mentioned in the Bible. While our church doesn’t meet your definition of a true representation we are the body of Christ; scripture based and followed.

      1. Thanks for your comment. But since when is it scriptural to “register” a church with the Government?
        Can you point out a scripture?
        Also on tithing……the only place where “corporate” (registered) churches manipulate the term”tithing” is from AbrahamHeb 7:2 To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;
        However in verse 4 it states Abraham gave a tenth of the “spoils” from the battle, and this was only a one time gift. Heb 7:4 Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils.
        The teaching of Christ and the Apostles NEVER demanded a 10%percentage of persons “net income”, it is just not there, and is not true. When you do the searching of the scriptures in the NT, you will find, that Apostles WORKED to earn their keep alongside with their ministry.
        Also the people were informed to “give according as the Lord had blessed them”.
        Families are to look after their NEEDS first before paying a “Pastor” and it should NEVER be of their net income, they give according to that which they are able! Which means they pay for their living expenses and their children’s needs and family needs first, to do otherwise……well that is just plain thievery and manipulation of the Lord’s word and is wicked!
        Lord bless you……

      2. Churches register so they don’t pay taxes on order to keep the received tithes within the ministry to assist the community. We do not pay our pastor…not now, not ever. Our tithing is between us and the Lord and we give so accordingly.

      3. You still have not given any Biblical support that a Body of Christ is too register for a Corporate 501C especially to avoid taxes.
        Money or goods which the believers in the Lord time gave to teachers or pastors were done so to help supplement for their service to the body.
        They all had to pay taxes……
        And the believers gave to those believers who were poor, and or suffering due to the persecution. THAT was the community they were to attend to first! Not the unbelievers.
        The Body is for the Believers, unbelievers have no business to be involved with the Body of Christ, not until they are Born-Again.
        By the way which church do you attend? Because that is quite something that you do not pay your pastor monies for his service to the body.
        Just look at the wealthy pastors in today’s day and age of Mainstream Christianity!
        Thanks for this discussion.

      4. Thank you for the well wishes.
        But to label me as jaded, well that is unloving, because you have not pointed out how and why you “think” I’m jaded, or who you think jaded me.

        So I truly see where you are coming from, I do hope you are Born-Again, of God’s Spirit from above, and not of the traditional works as practiced by the Apostate United Methodist Church organization, for they are ecumenical and promote the Anti-Christ spirit.
        I shall pray for you also……..

      5. Giving is 2 Corinthians 9, Christians don’t have to tithe, The old tithe was close to 28%, which is a good place to start, you can’t out give God! We are under Grace not law, Abram gave 90% to the King of Sodom!!!!

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