Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe with a Beginning?

J. Warner Wallace examines modern cosmology and claims of a universe from nothing. Surprise, surprise, you can’t get something from nothing. Is God Real? Is There a Way to Avoid a Universe with a Beginning? | J. Warner Wallace   If you benefit from Help Me Believe, consider supporting for as little as $1.

Universe Fine-Tuned for Carbon, Hence Life, Says Astronomer

Astrophysicist, Hugh Ross on why our planet needs billions of other galaxies and a fine-tuned amount of carbon: “Universe Fine-Tuned for Carbon, Hence Life, Says Astronomer” Uncommon Descent  

Leibniz’ Contingency Argument

Everything that exists has an explanation for its existence, either in the necessity of its nature, or in an external cause. If the universe has an explanation of its existence, that explanation is God. The universe exists. The universe has an explanation for its existence (from 1 & 3). The explanation of the universe isContinue reading “Leibniz’ Contingency Argument”

Modern Thinkers Increasingly Confirm a Designed Universe

Modern thinkers seem to talk out of both sides of their mouths when they claim Intelligent Design is religious nonsense. Joel Furches writes about how they contradict themselves constantly. Modern Thinkers Increasingly Confirm a Designed Universe

The Fine-Tuning Argument [Video]

Support us on Patreon and get bonus material! The Fine-Tuning Argument for the existence of God: The universe is fine-tuned. This is due to physical necessity, chance, or design. It is not due to physical necessity, or chance. It was designed. The physical constants could have been anything, yet they are perfectly life-permitting. The oddsContinue reading “The Fine-Tuning Argument [Video]”

Something from Nothing: The Worst Bait and Switch of all Time

Where did the universe come from? Why is there something rather than nothing? These are questions that have been asked for as long as there have been humans to ask questions. We want to know where we came from and where we are headed. Scientists have discovered that the universe – space, time, and matterContinue reading “Something from Nothing: The Worst Bait and Switch of all Time”

Is Science the Only Way to Know Something?

While talking with non-believers about the beginning of the universe and what caused the universe to begin, they will sometimes say something along the lines of, “Science doesn’t tell us anything about what is beyond the universe and therefore you can’t possibly know anything about it.” I would agree with the first half of thatContinue reading “Is Science the Only Way to Know Something?”

Where did the universe come from?

It surprises me how many people are content to say, “Science has proved that the Big Bang happened about 14 Billion years ago. We already know the answer to where did the universe come from?” Despite the number of scientists who are now jumping ship from the Big Bang theory, let’s assume it’s true. 14Continue reading “Where did the universe come from?”