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Should We Teach Doctrine to Children?

Doctrine is just a fancy word that means “teaching” or “something that is taught.” In the church, we use the term doctrine to refer to the teachings of the Bible. In my book, doctrine and […]

Does Christianity Require Pacifism? – J. Warner Wallace

This was an interesting article by J. Warner Wallace: Does Christianity Require Pacifism? Let me know your thoughts!

The Fine-Tuning Argument [Video]

Support us on Patreon and get bonus material! The Fine-Tuning Argument for the existence of God: The universe is fine-tuned. This is due to physical necessity, chance, or design. It is not due to physical […]

Old Testament Atrocities

A common objection made by skeptics against Christianity is that God commanded atrocities in the Old Testament. Even if no skeptic ever made this objection to me, I have certainly had pause after reading some […]

What is the Local Church?

BONUS VIDEOS + MORE: http://www.patreon.com/helpmebelieve What is the church? Is it more than a building? Is it global, local, or both? In this week’s video, Travis gives a definition of the Church in 100 words […]

Did Jesus Have Two Dads?

You may or may not know it, but June is marked as gay pride month. This past Sunday, June 24th, thousands joined to march for gay pride. This included my cousin and her husband, who […]

The Center of Old Testament Theology

*Note: The following is a series of excerpts from a paper Travis wrote recently for a doctoral seminar entitled “A Theological Center in the Old Testament: Major Options and Objections.” Arguing for a clear distinction […]