Stop that Steamroller! A Practical Application of Matthew 7:6

Ever been bombarded by objections to your Christian faith? Greg Koukl gives 3 easy steps on how to deal with such a situation. It turns out that you do not owe everyone a response. You have to know when to walk away. Stop that Steamroller! A Practical Application of Matthew 7:6

Why Shouldn't We Trust the Gospel of Philip?

Friend of the podcast and cold case detective, J. Warner Wallace, writes about the Gospel of Philip. Why is it that we find the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John reliable, but not Philip? Why Shouldn’t We Trust the Gospel of Philip?

Paul the Apologist

Erik Manning commentates on seven passages from the book of Acts that demonstrate Paul’s use of reason and argumentation in evangelism. When evangelizing Jews, Paul argues from the Scripture. When evangelizing Greeks, Paul finds common ground and of course still quotes the Scriptures. 7 Powerful passages from the Book of Acts that show that theContinue reading “Paul the Apologist”

“Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37

I love passages of Scripture that interpret themselves. Sometimes we will read something “difficult,” or hard to understand, but the Bible itself will provide us with the correct interpretation. Perhaps, you have heard people say, “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” The Bible Geek in me comes out when we find passages like this. IContinue reading ““Everyone whom the Father gives” John 6:37″

Are the Gospels Anonymous?

In his best-selling book, How Jesus Became God, Bart Ehrman outlines his case that the Gospels were originally anonymous. First, the Gospels were written without any attached names. So, the titles you see at the top of your Gospels (“The Gospel of Matthew”) were not there originally. Second, the Gospels then circulated for about aContinue reading “Are the Gospels Anonymous?”

3 Times Archaeology Has Confirmed the Gospels and Shut the Mouths of Skeptics

Erik Manning drops some archaeological facts that confirm claims made in the Gospels. Unlike other religions, Christianity is rooted in history, and as such, can be falsified. 3 Times Archaeology Has Confirmed the Gospels and Shut the Mouths of Skeptics

One Main Reason Why the New Testament is Not Corrupt

This was a good article on why you can trust that the Bible translation you have is based on the original and can be reproduced with high degree of probability. Also there is an argument for historical reliability. The bibliography at the end is a good place to read further on the subject. One MainContinue reading “One Main Reason Why the New Testament is Not Corrupt”

The Apologetics of Paul

One of the first apologists: The Apostle Paul. What can we learn from him? Paul travelled the known world defending and testifying to the Resurrection of Jesus. He preached Christ crucified both to Jews and to Gentiles. There is much that we can learn from him. A Look at the Apologetics of Paul

Pre-Pauline Creeds and Hymns

Some skeptics claim they can’t believe the Bible because it has been altered over the years. The stories have been changed and added-to by multiple authors over multiple centuries. In the case of Christianity, we have evidence that nearly all of our major beliefs were firmly established in creeds and hymns that were being spokenContinue reading “Pre-Pauline Creeds and Hymns”