Christianity’s Extraordinary Solution to Believing in God in a World of Evil and Pain

Dr. Travis Dickinson returns to the age-old question: Why does God allow evil? Often, in our philosophizing about this problem, we leave out the most important answer: Jesus. Jesus was God in the flesh and came to earth to suffer and die. God knows what suffering is like. Christianity’s Extraordinary Solution to Believing in GodContinue reading “Christianity’s Extraordinary Solution to Believing in God in a World of Evil and Pain”

Against candy-ass Christianity

Dr. Edward Feser, title not withstanding, writes a great blog article on the perversion of a Christianity that is effeminate. Some people have the idea that Christianity is essentially “everybody love everybody” and “never offend others,” or something like that. Obviously, as far as we are able, we should not seek to offend others, butContinue reading “Against candy-ass Christianity”

What about the miracle claims of other religions?

Why do you believe the miracle claims of Christianity and not other religions? Isn’t this special pleading? Skeptics pretend that if we accept some miracle claims as valid, that we must suddenly accept them all. But as Erik Manning points out in this article that is a ridiculous idea. What about the miracle claims ofContinue reading “What about the miracle claims of other religions?”

Did Jesus Even Claim to be God?

Dr. J. Brian Huffling writes about the many ways Jesus claimed to be divine. It should be noted that Jesus doesn’t directly say “I am God.” This might be expected, if you did not understand Jesus’ ministry. If Jesus had come right out and said “I am the Messiah!” or “I am God incarnate!” heContinue reading “Did Jesus Even Claim to be God?”

Is the resurrection beyond belief?

Dr. David Instone-Brewer examines the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Evangelism might be easier without a resurrection, but as Paul says, the Resurrection is at the heart of our message. Is the resurrection beyond belief?

Seven Aspects of Jesus’s Life that are Historically Certain

Here is an article by Brian Chilton about seven facts that are known about Jesus through historical investigation. I would caution against using the word “certain” about a historical claim, and would remind the audience that we can known much more, but these are seven important things to know. Seven Aspects of Jesus’s Life thatContinue reading “Seven Aspects of Jesus’s Life that are Historically Certain”

What if I’m wrong?

I think anyone who truly values knowing the truth will routinely critique their current beliefs. It is important to me to continually refine my beliefs, picking out the weak spots and making them stronger, or changing them if necessary. In the process of self-examination, a question that often is brought up is: what if I’mContinue reading “What if I’m wrong?”

How did Jesus deal with Skeptics?

Erik Manning looks at two New Testament stories that illustrate how Jesus dealt with skeptics. There are those who are genuinely curious and there are those who clearly are not. Jesus teaches us how to deal with both types of skeptics. How did Jesus deal with Skeptics?

How Can I Trust the Bible When it Was Used to Justify Slavery?

Brandon Cleaver writes a fantastic article at RZIM on slavery in the Old Testament and New Testament in contrast with American antebellum slavery. Properly understood, the Bible not only does not condone the brutal slavery of the antebellum South, but strongly prohibits such treatment of human beings made in the image of God. How CanContinue reading “How Can I Trust the Bible When it Was Used to Justify Slavery?”