Christianity Today Wants Trump Removed

Mark Galli, Editor in Chief for the popular news publication, Christianity Today, wrote an article just over a week ago about why Donald Trump should be removed from office. I found this article and everything that followed quite interesting. It is no secret that evangelicals are split on Trump. Many are his strongest allies. ManyContinue reading “Christianity Today Wants Trump Removed”

North Korean Family Executed for Sharing the Gospel

A North Korean defector shared his experience of persecution with President Trump at the State Department’s religious freedom ministerial. It is hard to imagine some of the horrors described that the persecuted Church faces. Never forget them in your prayers. North Korean defector says cousin’s entire family executed for sharing Gospel

The Spiritual and Moral Bankruptcy of Progressive Christianity

Michael Brown writes about his experience with progressive pastor, John Pavlovitz. He then gives a number of other examples and discusses how void of any substance the progressive arguments are. The Spiritual and Moral Bankruptcy of Progressive Christianity

Ep 33 Alison Centofante: The Truth About Abortion

Alison Centofante is the director of external affairs at Live Action, a pro-life media movement that aims to end abortion. Alison reveals the truth about abortion in a gracious and loving way. If you have had an abortion, or been affected by one, you are not alone and you are loved. Please reach out andContinue reading “Ep 33 Alison Centofante: The Truth About Abortion”

Ep 27 Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

Haden discusses the importance of talking to people you disagree with. Avoiding these types of conversations will only lead us to further political divide, ideological echo chambers, and tribalism. ———————————————————————————————————— Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included):

The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity: Is it Really Good News?

Alisa Childers takes a look at “progressive Christianity” and how it differs from historical Christianity on the four major questions of a worldview. The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity: Is it Really Good News?

Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

It is no secret that we live in a culture that is deeply divided. As it stands, we are polarized to the extreme in our social and political views. This polarization has led to some pretty unfortunate methods of conversation. In years past, when you debated someone you would have to first restate your opponent’sContinue reading “Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines”

Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism

Michael Knowles is the host of The Michael Knowles Show at The Daily Wire where he commentates on politics and culture. Though he focusses on conservative political commentary, he has been outspoken about his Christian faith in general and his Catholic faith in particular, so it was a pleasure to have him on to discussContinue reading “Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism”

The Lost Art of Thoughtfulness: Dismissing Ideas Because We Fear Them

My friend, Dr. Travis Dickinson, provides a great explanation as to why being thoughtful and not immediately dismissive or emotional in the face of an objection is virtuous. Our conversations, whether political or religious, would benefit greatly from heeding this advice. The Lost Art of Thoughtfulness | Dr. Travis Dickinson