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Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy

Some Christians view reason as the enemy of faith. For this reason (pun intended), they reject philosophy. This philosophy (pun intended, again) is known as Christian anti-intellectualism. As you can hopefully already see, it is self-refuting. Nonetheless, some point to Colossians 2:8 to try and defend this odd philosophy. Only by ripping this verse out of context could you get an interpretation that would defend a self-refuting position. Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy

Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism

Michael Knowles is the host of The Michael Knowles Show at The Daily Wire where he commentates on politics and culture. Though he focusses on conservative political commentary, he has been outspoken about his Christian faith in general and his Catholic faith in particular, so it was a pleasure to have him on to discuss these matters. As a Protestant myself, it was enlightening to hear Michael explain certain Catholic beliefs which are often mischaracterized. Will Michael one day run for office? Will he write a book with actual words?… Read more Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism

“5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian

In the process of engaging skeptics with the evidence for Christian theism, I have met, spoken with, and learned from many wonderful people with whom I disagree with in a fundamental way. The political atmosphere of the United States has created such a divided and polarized country, one wonders if there is any room for civil dialogue between disagreeing parties. If we take the current political dialogue as our cue, we may think it impossible for such fundamentally different positions as Christianity and Atheism to come together and speak civilly.… Read more “5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian