How Do I Know God’s Call for My Life?

There seems to be a wide misconception surrounding “God’s will for my life,” or “God’s calling for my life”. Unfortunately, a vague teaching of “God’s will” has lead to a vague understanding of God’s will for one’s life. I’ve had people say, “Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning you woke up there was aContinue reading “How Do I Know God’s Call for My Life?”

Does the Old Testament Condone Slavery?

Someone once said, “Do you advocate for slavery and genocide? If not, you’re more moral than the God of the Bible.” First of all, as I always wish to point out, the atheist has no objective moral ground on which to stand. Compared to what objective standard is slavery and genocide immoral? I have anContinue reading “Does the Old Testament Condone Slavery?”

What is the Euthyphro Dilemma?

Socrates is probably my favorite philosopher. The guy just walks around ancient Greece asking questions. Who can’t relate to that? I’ve always been the annoying kid with a thousand questions. One observation I have gleamed from asking questions is that people don’t like being questioned. Even if you are genuine in your asking, many peopleContinue reading “What is the Euthyphro Dilemma?”

What is Theology?

What is theology? It is a word we toss around quite often, but do we really understand what it is? The word itself breaks down into two parts: theos and logos, the Greek words for God and word/reason, respectively.[1] So, in a certain sense, theology is simply talking, reasoning, or thinking about God. This ledContinue reading “What is Theology?”

Can an Atheist Be Moral?

I read an article the other day accusing theists of claiming that God is the basis of morality and therefore an atheist cannot be moral. Just so we are 100% clear with each other: I’ve never heard a theist make this argument. The author of the article is making the classical mistake of conflating moralContinue reading “Can an Atheist Be Moral?”

What is Pascal’s Wager?

Blaise Pascal was a 17th century French philosopher. He “wagered” in his work, Pensées (Thoughts), that a person should endeavor to believe in God because they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you gain, you gain all. If you lose, you lose nothing. Why not wager to believe? Issues With the WagerContinue reading “What is Pascal’s Wager?”

Church Discipline

One of my recent doctoral seminars at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary required me to articulate the Bible’s teachings on certain matters pertaining to the church. The past three weeks, we have seen a definition of the local church, as well as an explanation of the ordinances of the church (baptism and Lord’s Supper). Today weContinue reading “Church Discipline”

Don’t Overplay Your Hand

My father taught me many things growing up. He taught me that it isn’t wise to always say what you’re thinking. I should probably work on that; I’m sure he thinks he so. He also taught me that it isn’t wise to tell everything you know. I’ve always loved watching shows where the “bad guys”Continue reading “Don’t Overplay Your Hand”

Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children?

A common accusation made against Christians by skeptics is that we indoctrinate our children. Not only is the skeptic making this accusation, but also making a judgment that it is morally wrong. So what is indoctrination, do Christians indoctrinate, and can an atheist object on moral grounds? What is Indoctrination? To indoctrinate someone, or aContinue reading “Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children?”