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Implications of the Resurrection

Eight days ago, we celebrated Easter. In the weeks prior, we examined the evidence for the Resurrection and culminated that series on Easter Sunday. Having concluded that the Resurrection is the best explanation of the […]

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

For the past several weeks leading up to Easter, we have been examining possible natural theories of the Resurrection. We have found them all wanting. If we are going to believe in the Resurrection and […]

What Happened During Passion Week?

The week leading up to Easter is often referred to as the Passion Week. This week began with Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem on a Sunday (Palm Sunday) and ended with His death and burial. This, […]

Was it the Wrong Tomb?

The final naturalistic theory of the Resurrection we will examine is the Wrong Tomb Theory. This theory usually purports that Jesus’ body was reburied in His family tomb, known as the Talpiot tomb. Jesus spent […]

Did Christ Die in My Place?

In last Thursday’s post we discussed the meaning of atonement and looked at two proposed theories. As Easter quickly approaches, we will continue with the same theme this week. First we will look at another […]

Was the Resurrection a Hallucination?

The next resurrection theory we will examine is the Hallucination Theory. This theory attempts to say that a plausible explanation for the resurrection of Jesus is that the disciples hallucinated the whole thing. Admissions Worth […]

Why Did Jesus Die?

In preparation for Easter, which is quickly approaching, Haden has begun to examine and debunk several theories regarding Jesus’s death (or supposed lack there of). In conjunction with this, I would like to walk us […]