Christianity Today Wants Trump Removed

Mark Galli, Editor in Chief for the popular news publication, Christianity Today, wrote an article just over a week ago about why Donald Trump should be removed from office. I found this article and everything that followed quite interesting. It is no secret that evangelicals are split on Trump. Many are his strongest allies. ManyContinue reading “Christianity Today Wants Trump Removed”

Kanye West, Celebrity Conversions, and the Prodigal Son

Featured Image Credit: Kanye West   Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella It is not uncommon for a celebrity in our culture to have a “road to Damascus experience” and place their faith in Jesus. Plenty of examples come to mind, but as of late, none is more prominent than Kanye West. I do not keep upContinue reading “Kanye West, Celebrity Conversions, and the Prodigal Son”

Don’t Be Overcome by Statistics

There’s some ugly statistics out there concerning the church. For example, 70% of teens walk away from their faith after leaving home. Church attendance, giving, and baptisms seem to be down. What will we do? How should we respond? DON’T BE OVERCOME BY STATISTICS, OVERCOME STATISTICS WITH THE GOSPEL

8 Ways Jesus Changed the World for You

Jesus has influenced the world we live in more than any other person in history. He is the most famous person in history. His life is recorded in the all-time bestselling book in history. Read about eight unexpected ways Jesus has influenced your life today. Ways Jesus Changed the World for You!

The Task of Cultural Apologetics

Amy K Hall writes an article that summarizes what cultural apologetics is according to Paul Gould. We must ask, not only if Christianity is true, but also if Christianity is desirable. The human quest is not just for truth alone, but also beauty and goodness. The Task of Cultural Apologetics

Ep 33 Alison Centofante: The Truth About Abortion

Alison Centofante is the director of external affairs at Live Action, a pro-life media movement that aims to end abortion. Alison reveals the truth about abortion in a gracious and loving way. If you have had an abortion, or been affected by one, you are not alone and you are loved. Please reach out andContinue reading “Ep 33 Alison Centofante: The Truth About Abortion”

Ep 30 Alyssa Milano: Self-Owns, Personal Beliefs, and the Science of Abortion

Bart Ehrman and intellectual scapegoats. Do we have the actual words of Jesus? A new argument for the Resurrection. Alyssa Milano’s god supports abortion. To support Help Me Believe and get access to the bonus segment, follow the Patreon link below. Links Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included): Haden’s Apologetics Books: Podcast: reading “Ep 30 Alyssa Milano: Self-Owns, Personal Beliefs, and the Science of Abortion”

Ep 27 Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

Haden discusses the importance of talking to people you disagree with. Avoiding these types of conversations will only lead us to further political divide, ideological echo chambers, and tribalism. ———————————————————————————————————— Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included):

9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade

In light of the recent March for Life  (and all the news drama that followed), I though this article was quite timely. Most of the arguments for abortion are based on bad logic, false narratives, and inaccurate statistics. This article exposes many of the myths, or lies. 9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v.Continue reading “9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade”