Ep 22 Dr. Michael Heiser: The Divine Council and Other Biblical Theological Topics

Dr. Michael Heiser is scholar in residence at Logos Bible Software, author of numerous books including today’s subject, The Unseen Realm, and host of the popular Naked Bible Podcast. In this episode we discuss the divine council and other biblical theological topics. To watch the bonus segment, “5 More Minutes,” become a supporter of ourContinue reading “Ep 22 Dr. Michael Heiser: The Divine Council and Other Biblical Theological Topics”

Ep 16 A Theology for Text-Driven Preaching

  Haden discusses biblical theology and text-driven preaching. What makes for good preaching? How should we approach the Bible? Support our Ministry: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/support/ Podcast: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/podcast-2/ Blog: https://helpmebelieveblog.com/ Recapturing the Voice of God

High Christology in the New Testament

The New Testament obviously has a lot to say about Christ. Even the Old Testament has a lot to say about Him, for that matter. Yet there are four New Testament passages that scholars have dubbed “high-christological” passages, that is, passages that exalt Jesus in a great way. The four passages are: John 1:1-18 PhilippiansContinue reading “High Christology in the New Testament”