How Can I Trust the Bible When it Was Used to Justify Slavery?

Brandon Cleaver writes a fantastic article at RZIM on slavery in the Old Testament and New Testament in contrast with American antebellum slavery. Properly understood, the Bible not only does not condone the brutal slavery of the antebellum South, but strongly prohibits such treatment of human beings made in the image of God. How CanContinue reading “How Can I Trust the Bible When it Was Used to Justify Slavery?”

North Korean Family Executed for Sharing the Gospel

A North Korean defector shared his experience of persecution with President Trump at the State Department’s religious freedom ministerial. It is hard to imagine some of the horrors described that the persecuted Church faces. Never forget them in your prayers. North Korean defector says cousin’s entire family executed for sharing Gospel

How Ancient Christians Were Viewed as Dangerous to Society

Michael J. Kruger paints a picture of how Christians were viewed in ancient Rome. Celsus, the Roman author, describes how and why he viewed the early Christians as a threat to Rome. Kruger then shows the connection to our own time. How Ancient Christians Were Viewed as Dangerous to Society

The Spiritual and Moral Bankruptcy of Progressive Christianity

Michael Brown writes about his experience with progressive pastor, John Pavlovitz. He then gives a number of other examples and discusses how void of any substance the progressive arguments are. The Spiritual and Moral Bankruptcy of Progressive Christianity

Ep 27 Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

Haden discusses the importance of talking to people you disagree with. Avoiding these types of conversations will only lead us to further political divide, ideological echo chambers, and tribalism. ———————————————————————————————————— Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included):

Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines

It is no secret that we live in a culture that is deeply divided. As it stands, we are polarized to the extreme in our social and political views. This polarization has led to some pretty unfortunate methods of conversation. In years past, when you debated someone you would have to first restate your opponent’sContinue reading “Avoiding Tribalism: Conversations Behind Enemy Lines”

“5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian

In the process of engaging skeptics with the evidence for Christian theism, I have met, spoken with, and learned from many wonderful people with whom I disagree with in a fundamental way. The political atmosphere of the United States has created such a divided and polarized country, one wonders if there is any room forContinue reading ““5 Reasons I Admire Atheists” by a Christian”

9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade

In light of the recent March for Life  (and all the news drama that followed), I though this article was quite timely. Most of the arguments for abortion are based on bad logic, false narratives, and inaccurate statistics. This article exposes many of the myths, or lies. 9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v.Continue reading “9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade”

Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial): From Atheism to Christianity

Lauren Chen, a.k.a. Roaming Millennial, political commentator and host of Uncensored on CRTV, discusses her journey from being raised nominally Catholic, turning to atheism after reading Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, and back to an Evangelical Christian faith after reading Plato and Aristotle. What a journey! Watch “5 More Minutes” with Lauren Chen by supportingContinue reading “Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial): From Atheism to Christianity”