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Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism

Michael Knowles is the host of The Michael Knowles Show at The Daily Wire where he commentates on politics and culture. Though he focusses on conservative political commentary, he has been outspoken about his Christian faith in general and his Catholic faith in particular, so it was a pleasure to have him on to discuss these matters. As a Protestant myself, it was enlightening to hear Michael explain certain Catholic beliefs which are often mischaracterized. Will Michael one day run for office? Will he write a book with actual words?… Read more Ep 24 Michael Knowles: Defending Christianity and Catholicism

Ep 23 Shane Pruitt: 9 Common Lies Christians Believe

Shane Pruitt is the Director of Evangelism for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. He is the author of “9 Common Lies Christians Believe and Why God’s Truth is Infinitely Better” which is the topic of this episode’s conversation. To watch the bonus segment, “5 More Minutes with Shane Pruitt,” follow the Patreon link below and become a supporter of our ministry. Support our Ministry (Patron-Only eBook Included) FREE Amazon Books Podcast Shane’s Website 9 Common Lies Christians Believe