Not Enough Evidence

Not long ago, I wrote about the problem of divine hiddenness and why I don’t think God is hidden at all. Here is a good article by William Lane Craig in response to a questioner who is clearly having trouble with this problem. Is there enough evidence?

Not Enough Evidence | William Lane Craig



  1. Dr. Craig’s response in that letter seems ill-thought, at best, and insultingly disingenuous, at best.

    There are plenty of us who are completely familiar with his work– as well as the work of other apologists and philosophers– but who do not find his arguments to constitute sufficient evidence to warrant belief. The fact that we find his evidence insufficient does not imply that we have some psychological block against it, as Dr. Craig alleges.


  2. William Paley (18th century Anglican) began his book on the Christian evidences like this: “I deem it unnecessary to prove that mankind stood in need of a revelation, because I have met with no serious person who thinks that, even under the Christian revelation, we have too much light, or any degree of assurance that is superfluous.


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