The Most Important Thing to Tell Your Child When They Doubt Their Faith

Doubt comes for us all. If we were honest, each of us would admit that we have doubted our beliefs at some point. Our children will be no different. Even if we sheltered them to an extreme degree, eventually they will encounter other worldviews and have questions. Doubt to some degree is almost certain. How should we handle it?

The Most Important Thing to Tell Your Child When They Doubt Their Faith



  1. ♡ Childhood Indoctrination NEVER!!! Works EveryOne; just ask a Catholic Girl about ‘Sex Before Marriage’, watch ‘Dead Poets Society’ which, sadly, Preceded The Suicide of Robin Williams 🤔 ?…just because a “child” nods and says “yes” doesn’t mean the “child” is NOT!!! Rebelling Furiously InSide 😣 ; be careful Parents, You May LOSE!!! Your Child and NEVER!!! SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) Your “child” again due to The STRESS AND PRESSURE!!! You, The Parent, put them under (HELL!!!) then the “child” is Down Under (HEAVEN!!!) in Suicidal, Blissful Abscence of Punitive Parents as You Mourn The Death of Your “child” 🤓😇🤗



  2. I am grateful you are loing a ‘faithful God’ who knows we are only human with a sin nature and have doubts. I am thrilled you are allowing your children to ask the hard questions, as youngsters, about their own faith in the One true living God! I am sure you and your wife are demonstrating daily Deut. 6:4-9. Hallelu Yah!!! I am enjoyed your blogs…


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