The Post Resurrection Behavior of Jesus Eliminates the Possibility of an Impostor

One theory that has been postulated in an effort to naturalize the story of Jesus, is that the “resurrected Jesus” the disciples saw was actually an impostor. Our friend J. Warner Wallace shows us why this explanation falls flat.

The Post Resurrection Behavior of Jesus Eliminates the Possibility of an Impostor

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  1. Naturally we may not forget that in case Jesus would be God, he was an imposter, because God cannot die, and then Jesus (when he is God) would have fooled many generations.

    Jesus being a man of flesh and blood, feeling really the agony and being really killed, having been three days in the tomb to come out of it then and to appear to his apostles proving he was not a ghost, like God is an eternal Sprit, he (Jesus) became the proof of what can happen to any other man, and as such gave many the hope for the end times when the living and the dead shall have to be called in front of the judgement seat of this master teacher who is authorised by God to speak and act in His name. for that reason many did not mind to give their own life like Jesus also had given his life to do the Will of God, instead of doing his own will.


  2. If you separate Jesus and the Christ you could also understand the confusion of the disciples upon meeting him after resurrection. So you could say after the resurrection he rose as the Christ not Jesus. Removing all of the miracles and being in two place at once post Rez it makes more sense for the salvation story. This frame of thought can be very enlightening and messy and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. But just a thought.


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