Month: July 2018

The Intellectual Dark Web: Good Conversations Aiming at Truth

Other than in passing, I haven’t watched cable television in a few years. My parents and some of my friends still pay for cable, so I’m forced to watch it from time-to-time. I’m not anti-cable […]

Bible Contradiction? When (at what time of day) was Jesus Crucified?

This was a very well researched and written article on whether or not there is a Biblical contradiction concerning the time of day Jesus was crucified.

Existence of God: 31 Reasons to Believe in the God of the Bible – Todd Clay

Todd Clay over at Theolocast writes a wonderful article that gives a brief summary of 31 different arguments for the Christian God and also a link where you can read more about each argument.

Should We Teach Doctrine to Children?

Doctrine is just a fancy word that means “teaching” or “something that is taught.” In the church, we use the term doctrine to refer to the teachings of the Bible. In my book, doctrine and […]

Does Christianity Require Pacifism? – J. Warner Wallace

This was an interesting article by J. Warner Wallace: Does Christianity Require Pacifism? Let me know your thoughts!

The Fine-Tuning Argument [Video]

Support us on Patreon and get bonus material! The Fine-Tuning Argument for the existence of God: The universe is fine-tuned. This is due to physical necessity, chance, or design. It is not due to physical […]

Old Testament Atrocities

A common objection made by skeptics against Christianity is that God commanded atrocities in the Old Testament. Even if no skeptic ever made this objection to me, I have certainly had pause after reading some […]