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Help Me Believe exists to strengthen believers and answer critics of Christianity by answering tough questions. Our blog, podcast, videos, and books aim to spread and defend the truth of Christianity.


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  • Belief Without Sight
    This is a short read on Jesus' words to Thomas: "Blessed are those who believe without seeing me." There's also a tidbit about St. Thomas Aquinas, who I always love to read about. Belief Without Sight Support Help Me Believe
  • Christianity’s Extraordinary Solution to Believing in God in a World of Evil and Pain
    Dr. Travis Dickinson returns to the age-old question: Why does God allow evil? Often, in our philosophizing about this problem, we leave out the most important answer: Jesus. Jesus was God in the flesh and came to earth to suffer and die. God knows what suffering is like. Christianity’s Extraordinary Solution to Believing in God … Read more
  • Against candy-ass Christianity
    Dr. Edward Feser, title not withstanding, writes a great blog article on the perversion of a Christianity that is effeminate. Some people have the idea that Christianity is essentially "everybody love everybody" and "never offend others," or something like that. Obviously, as far as we are able, we should not seek to offend others, but … Read more

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